Diploma ceremony 2022

In June 2022, the third grade graduated, our “Covid generation. The group that had no opportunity to gain work experience and therefore less chance of finding a job.

For the diving class, we had agreed that they would do an internship for 3-6 months before looking for a “normal” job, which the whole class agreed to. The hotel group took a chance.

But first celebration; in our brand new meeting room ‘Semesta’ parents, teachers and students gathered and officially received a token of graduation. That same evening it was party time and together with the students of Landsteede Zwolle ‘our’ kids had a great time. There was even a photo booth that was continuously occupied. One of my most favorite photos is the one with Apriani, Marsya and their grandmother. They have been helped by our foundation since they were 5 and 7 years old, especially by Silvia, Yvonne and Nico. Apriani has been working for 2 years now and Maysia is about to start; both are supporting their grandmother! This is exactly what we tried to achieve by helping them.

Maysa and Apriani 2010
Grandma, Maysa and Apriana 2022


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