They deserve every chance they can get!

The Kehidupan Anda Foundation supports a school in North Sulawesi, Indonesia in order to provie career opportunities in the diving tourism.

A child has the right to a thorough education

The location is North Sulawesi, Indonesia. In the village of Tongkaina there is a school that has been supported by the Kehidupan Anda Foundation since 2006. Kehidupan Anda is Indonesian and means “your life”. We provide much needed education for the children of Tongkaina and the surrounding villages.

How did we get this done?

The establishment of our school had a lot to do. Below you can read how we did it:

Students posing for a selfie
Ons schooltje in Noord Sulawesi, Indonesi√ę

Our foundation, our mission

We support education through our foundation. We do not do this alone: sponsors and volunteers make a concerted effort for the kids.

Kinderen poseren voor de foto

We facilitate a school

Starting in 2006, our school in North Sulawesi focuses on (diving) tourism, allowing graduates to work.

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